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black spots on the face and neck are two effective ways

Lemon juice acts as an organic bleaching agent because of its natural acidity property, which helps you in lightening the dark spots on your skin. You can simply squeeze out some juice out of a lemon and apply it directly on the dark spot by dipping a cotton ball in …

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Beauty Tips for Busy Girls Health Tips

Beauty Tips for Busy Girls Health Tips Busy women don’t have time for a complicated beauty routine. They engage in different activities each day. The time they have is never enough for all the activities they need to attend to in the course of their day. These tips will help …

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Nail Art For Lazy Girls

Plain designs for nail has been taken back seat now. Every girl loves beautiful and creative DIY nail art designs, You need some household stuff that can stick to your nails and some wild imaginations :-).Scotch tape is the best friend of every girl who want creative nail designs with …

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3 Secret Tips to being a ferness of skin

Start the day with vitamin C: Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that naturally increases the brightness of the skin. Melaninakeo also helps to control a lot. So the day started with vitamin C and then coming back to see the brightness of your face and you’re going to be …

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Easy Messy Two Hair Bun

Cut scotch tape in small strips and stick Just add some large dots of dark color on light background with help of bobby pin and you have cool nail art design. This is a simple and very effective way of promoting growth of hair. A good diet keeps hair healthy …

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