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Top 10 steps in writing an effective e-mail

Below is a listing of our top 10 tips for writing an effective e-mail. Following these suggestions will get you a better response from your e-mails and make e-mailing more enjoyable for you and your recipients. Keep your e-mails short Less is more. The shorter you can keep your e-mail …

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Top 10 tips for keeping your e-mail inbox clean

Below is a listing of our top 10 tips for keeping your e-mail inbox clean, which can keep your inbox clean and your e-mail experience more enjoyableSetup rules, filters, or labels Today, all e-mail programs and online e-mail services have rules, filters, or a labeling system that allows you to …

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Top 10 new computer user tips

Backup important data A computer or its hard drive can fail at any time and without warning. When it does all your personal documents, letters, pictures, music, and videos, is lost and in many situations cannot be recovered or costs lots of money to be recovered. Make sure you have …

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Top 10 Facebook tips

It quickly gets annoying seeing some users posts, game invites, polls, etc. Hovering your mouse to the right of the post and clicking the Hide button as shown below can hide any post. After pressing the button you’ll have the option to hide that user or in the case of …

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Top 10 Internet tips and tricks

Take advantage of tabbed browsing Take full advantage of tabbed browsing on all Internet browsers. While reading an article or browsing a website, you may come across a link that interests you. Any link to another page can be opened in a new tab so it does not interrupt your …

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