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7 Fashion Tips For The Short Girl Style Hacks

Shopping trips can be a mixed bag of emotions. But for every negative, there is always a positive. You may have to brave a cramped, poorly lit fitting room, but it’s worth it when you find the perfect dress that is going to slay at your Style Hacks watch the …

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What To Wear In A Winter Wedding

While many people would opt to tie the nuptials in spring or autumn, some would even pick winter as the best suited time of the year. And while the groom would supposedly be comfy in his tux, the same cannot be said of the bride. Winter weddings can be uncomfortable. …

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ACRYLIC NAILS VS GEL NAILS WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE? Fake nails are a work of art, a special occasion treat, and to some, an absolute necessity. To most women, they are a true miracle of chemistry, and chances are those who aren’t already on the long nail wagon have thought of …

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Imagine a sterile human life Style

Imagine a sterile human life Style According to various news stories that we’ve blogged about in the last year you should worry about “germs” on your cellphone, doorknobs, toothbrush, dishwasher, houseplants, lemon slices, bouncy houses, laundry, etc.  Not to mention avoiding handshakes… or really any contact with other living beings …

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Fashion Style Guide buys & grill

Get into the ultimate experience in fashion. This is your outlet for fashion and fun with friends. Join our all-crowdsourcing – virtual style magazine experience for what’s up in fashion. We are so up on fashion, we had to be ca This site is ‘oh-so’ all about you! Mesonista.com has …

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