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Tips by Family Child Home cere Licensing

  1. You must attend an orientation.
    • Orientations are scheduled on a regular basis all over California.
    • There is an orientation fee and it is nonrefundable , so be sure that you meet the qualifications for a license before you sign up for an orientation.
    • You may sign up for an orientation by contacting the State Licensing Agency nearest you. To see a list of Child Care Licensing Agencies in California, click here: Regional Offices . The Regional Offices Directory will show you what counties each Child Care Licensing office covers. To see an orientation schedule for your area, click here: Orientation Schedules.
  2. You must be familiar with all Child Care Center licensing laws and regulations.
    • You can read the Child Care Center licensing requirements by clicking here:
      • The licensing requirements are not available from the Department of Social Services Warehouse. You must print your ownhard copy. Be sure to have plenty of paper in your printer–there are over a hundred pages!
    • You can read a short summary of these requirements, by clicking here:
      • The Regulation Highlights are not available from the Department of Social Services Warehouse. You must print your own hard copy.You must pass a home inspection. A Licensing Program Analyst will contact you to schedule an inspection of your home.
  3. You must complete and submit all the information and forms required in the application packet. We will not accept your application until after you have completed the orientation . There is an application fee Centers (LIC 281A) . To access these documents, please click on the preceding blue links. The LIC 281A contains blue links to all of the forms that are required in order to complete your application. To view, download and print the required forms, click on the blue links for each form.
    • You must bring all of these forms to the orientation.

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