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Improving Your Lifestyle for Healthier Skin

  • Get 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night. Not getting enough sleep can make your skin appear dull and sallow. It can also result in bags or shadows under your eyes. Getting enough sleep will reduce wrinkles and under-eye puffiness. It will also give you a healthy, glowing complexion.
  • 2Reduce your stress levels. Stress can not only wreck havoc on your mind and sleep, but your skin as well. It can lead to acne, breakouts, and other skin problems. Set realistic goals and limits for yourself, and leave time each week so that you can do things that you enjoy. Try some of the following relaxation techniques:
    • Take a walk around the block. This will allow you to work off some steam. The fresh air may also help calm your mind.
    • Try some breathing exercises. This will force your mind to focus on the exercise and may help you forget whatever it is that is stressing you out.
    • Meditate. This is an ancient practice that has been around for centuries—and for good reason! Many people find that it helps them clear their minds and relax

    3Make sure you get a few hours of exercise each week. Exercise increases blood flow to your skin and supplies it with oxygen and nutrients. If you exercise hard enough, the sweat will help flush out the toxins in your skin. Exercise may also help reduce stress.[17]

     4Avoid spending too much time in the sun, and always wear sunscreen when you do. Choose sunscreen with a minimum of 15 SPF. You should wear it every day, even during the darker, colder winter months. Avoid the sun between 10am and 2pm, as this is when its rays are most harmful.[18]
    • If you don’t like wearing sunscreen, consider using a moisturizer or foundation that already have sunscreen in it.
    • If you swim or sweat a lot, you may need to reapply sunscreen more often—about every 2 hours.[19]
     5Quit smoking. Smoking depletes oxygen and nutrient levels in your skin. It also damages collagen and elastin, which results in wrinkles.


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