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Bibi Russell’s runway week opens with a Runway

Indian textiles and heritage are taking forefront at major fashion weeks in the country. Keeping in sync with the trend, the India Runway Week opened in the capital on Friday with a show dedicated to Khadi and other handlooms.

The gala fashion designer Bibi Russell of Bangladesh-based Thyagaraj Sports Complex here with a showcase is taking place at the start of the first day of the seventh season of Meghalaya, followed by an exhibition by Daniel Syiem.

Bibi Russell, Bibi Rusell rajasthali by the Rajasthan government after a change in the textile division, his first collection under the label showcase.

One witnessed a lot of mix and match in silhouettes with colours moving from subtle to bright shades.

Syiem, on the other hand, showcased designs that reflected his love for ethnic outfits with a lot of drama in terms of cuts.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been spreading the message of ‘Khadi for Nation, Khadi for Fashion’, and designers are putting in their best effort to endorse this age-old fabric.

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