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5 Fitness Tips For Lazy Girls From A Personal Trainer

1. Workouts can be easy or short, but not both at once.

First things first. Decide what kind of lazy girl you are: Do you want to minimise your time in the gym or avoid working up a sweat? Short, intense workouts and long, slow cardio are both great fat burners. The same can’t be said for 10 minutes on the cross-trainer watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Soz.

2. You don’thave to break a sweat.

The small isometric moves in barre and Pilates classes will seriously tax your muscles without disturbing your blow-dry. Bonus: If you don’t need to take a shower, you can get changed and outta the gym in double-quick time.

3. The best workouts kill two birds with one stone.

A challenging yoga style (such as Vinyasa flow) will make you stronger as well as saner. Those chaturangas the teacher keeps dropping in? They’re tricep press-ups in disguise. Sneaky.

4.Always have a goal. Preferably one that scares you a bit.

Run or cycle home from work and you get a free workout and lots of fresh air AND it probably won’t take much longer than public transport.

5.Give yourself a gold star.

Reward yourself for meeting targets so you’ve got something to look forward to when you hit that weight goal or PB. How ‘bout some slick new gym kit?

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