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7 Fashion Tips For The Short Girl Style Hacks

Shopping trips can be a mixed bag of emotions. But for every negative, there is always a positive. You may have to brave a cramped, poorly lit fitting room, but it’s worth it when you find the perfect dress that is going to slay at your Style Hacks

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You don’t need an entire closet makeover to rock the looks that suit your small frame. A visit to the tailor or the strategic use of a belt can take your style to a whole new level. Knowing what works best for your body type is like having an a personalized instruction manual for getting dressed.

When it comes to fashion hacks, sometime the rules were meant to be broken. So forget everything you’ve known about what doesn’t work for short girls, and take a look at these nine tips to help you rock all the trends.

Not quite a maxi, but giving a similar feel, according to Glamour. The magazine’s advice: create a long-looking silhouette by pairing a high-wais midi with a crop top.

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