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How to Talk to a Friend Who Gossips


See for yourself if the person is a gossip – if you are just taking someone else’s word that they are, then you’ll never know the truth and will have been wrongly accusing them of gossiping. If they openly share intimate details of their relationships or friendships with other people with you, then you can be fairly certain that they will be doing the same with your personal information. Note however that if you are exceptionally good friends, then they may not be doing this, but generally, it is a good way to spot a gossip.
Be aware of what you say when you are speaking to them. Although it may be annoying, if you really want to stay friends with this person, then you can’t let your guard down even for a moment. Try to keep off certain subjects which could portray you badly or sharing your deepest thoughts with the person and certainly do not give out other people’s information as it will almost certainly got out that you leaked the information.
Change the subject if you are uncomfortable with what you are discussing. If the friend pesters you to tell them, stand your ground and say that it’s personal.
Share good things with your friend about yourself. This helps you build your confidence and will stop hurtful gossip spreading around, but make sure you don’t over-do it otherwise you will appear to be a big-head with an ego. Remember that nobody gossips about nice things, so if you give the friend very little or nothing negative to say about you, then you probably won’t be mentioned at all.

Make sure the friend knows that what you are telling them is private and for no one else to know, if you are intent on sharing personal information with them. Make sure you are persistent in telling them this, but do not treat them like an idiot.

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