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2 Minutes / 5 Steps gril beauty Makeup tips

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As much as I love to play around with beauty, makeup, and hair, I am always looking for ways to look good faster. Most of my morning is spent getting two little boys ready that can’t seem to focus on anything but teasing each other. So between breaking up fights and making sure everyone is wearing underwear, I have developed a 5-minute makeup routine. Basically a 6-step makeup routine for a flawless face.

I try to do this most mornings so I don’t show up to school drop-off looking like I slept 2 hours the night before. It’s not a ton of makeup – just the right amount for everyday wear. It’s easy and fast and I’m guessing if you’ve visited my blog before then you know that easy and fast beauty is what I’m all about. I want busy moms and wives to feel beautiful with the measly 5 minutes (if that!) allotted to them each day. Some days we even have to fight for those 5 minutes! Master a makeup routine like this and you’ll look great even on the crummy days.

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